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ABB is a world-class leader in the field of power&automation. Its production facilities in Bergamo are surely one of the ‘best practices’ of Industry 4.0 Implementation, displaying a lean factory approach while also showcasing many cutting-edge industrial solutions, with a strong focus on digitalization and servitisation. ABB Dalmine has even a ‘Smart Lab’ that simulates an energy-distribution network for research experiments and training purposes.



Kilometro Rosso Innovation District

Kilometro Rosso is a private Science and Technology Park located in the heart of Lombardy Region. It brings together companies, universities and research centers in order to foster innovation processes in the manufacturing industry. Resident partners are both public and private and they all share and promote the Open Innovation paradigm. Kilometro Rosso hosts more than 50 companies and 1.600 researchers in an architecturally appealing district and serves as a technology transfer enabler for the territory, while also focusing on specialized job education, joint research and structured networking activities. The tour will include a visit to Petroceramics Spa.