Young Author Award

The Young Author Paper (YAP) award will be granted to a young researcher at INCOM 2018. Eligible candidates are
authors of high-quality papers, younger than 30 at the time of the event, and who will present the paper during the Symposium.

The nominations may arise from colleagues or supervisors of the young author, and should include a motivation letter (one-page file to be uploaded) including the name of the nominee, his/her PIN, the title of the paper, and declaring that the nominee is younger than 30 at the time of the event. Self-nominations are also allowed.

Nominations have to be submitted via the IFACPaperCept conference manuscript management system.

The nomination phase closes on May 13, 2018.

The members of INCOM Young Author Prize Committee will determine a short list of finalists based on the gathered reviews and on their own reading of the papers. The winner will be determined at the time of the Symposium, on the basis of the written paper and the oral presentation.

The winner certificate will be awarded during the closing ceremony of the INCOM 2018.